If family life is a struggle, we’ll help you find a way through it.

Every family needs some support sometimes, whatever we tell our friends or even ourselves –we all have something we’d like to get better at. That might be as simple as how we connect with one another and what we can do to make sure everyone enjoys and gets something from their time together, but sometimes it’s more challenging; sometimes it’s a bigger obstacle, more fundamental and with heftier consequences.  

Over the next few months we’re working with a range of partners across Wirral to deliver a telephone and online family coaching programme. You might be wondering, what’s coaching and why would I want to do that? Well coaching is all about encouraging you as a family member to think about the challenges you’re facing and find ways through them. However, the key thing with coaching is that you’ll do this with another person, someone independent who’ll support you to come up with your own solutions. Our team of coaches come from Wirral’s really strong and skilled community sector and they’ve all been trained up (adding to their existing skill-set) to take on this role. What’s more they know lots about your local area so you can find out about other things going on across Wirral that can help you and your family in the future.  

It’s so easy to feel a bit like you’re getting nowhere with the issues families sometimes face, but this approach will help you to use the problem-solving abilities inside you (you might not even know you have them). We’re here to give you the tools to make changes yourselves, and the best thing about this is you’ll feel a lot better afterwards, in the knowledge you’re the one who’s got yourself and your family there.  

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"Take the time to listen to me closely, and trust that I know what I need" 


Lisa, a mum in Wirral