Adam (from Involve North West)

What's your background?

I moved to the Wirral in summer 2016 and fell in love with its community, culture and married a lovely, local lady. Having always worked in the private sector in the past; relocating to the Wirral gave me the perfect opportunity to be able to use my passion for supporting people and seeing them move forward, in a professional manner.

I started working at Involve Northwest as a Community Connector from its inception in February 2017 and later became a team leader. This role has equipped me with a large tool kit and raft of experience to better understand how support should be offered. 

I'm a very outgoing person with a “can-do” attitude and love to have adventures and be surrounded by nature. I have also had personal challenges that have given me experience in working through and I'm a true believer in “Success is a journey, not a destination”.

What got you interested in becoming a family coach?

I became interested in Coaching during my time as a Community Connector and I realised the importance of people finding the answer within themselves, even when they didn’t realise they had it already. I have seen this lead to a much more positive outcome in the majority of cases and a greater sense of “owning” the outcome, as well as pride, confidence and motivation. 

The coaching model aligns with my way of thinking and working. I believe it can be a really powerful tool to explore your own thinking pattern and how to use that in the best possible way. 

I love to learn new skills, so the opportunity to train as a coach was a no brainer.

What bits of family life have you got experience of helping with?

I have a young family and know all too well the stresses and strains this can create, especially around juggling working full time, childcare and having some quality family time. Becoming a parent was the biggest life changer I have ever encountered and preparing for this was a discovery of myself – as is having a toddler! I am very creative and recognise the importance of having some time to myself, working on projects, whilst also spending good quality time together as a family on a budget – it’s a balancing act! 


I have supported family and friends with children who have SEN and the importance of parents taking a lead in ensuring their children have the support they need.

My experience lies in confidence building, self-esteem, time management and conflict resolution. I have worked hard on my own confidence and self-esteem over the years and also supported others to do the same.

What would you say to someone who is 'uuming and ahhing' about signing up?

I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is sitting on the fence to give one of our coaches a call and see how they feel about the conversation. It’s an absolutely free offer and you are in complete control. If you feel that it’s not for you then you can choose to end whenever you like, but you might just discover something that you never knew you had in you and could change your world forever.



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