Jessica (from Next Chapter cic)

What's your background?

I've lived in Wirral for a long time and I'm raising my three children here but I actually grew up in Wales so I'm a very outdoorsy and active person. 


I've always loved working with people and I have experience across a lot of different sectors including with housing associations across the country and in the community with children and young adults who have disabilities. 


I know that our families can come in many shapes, sizes and dynamics and some of that can be hard to navigate. I recently retrained as a coach and a mentor working mostly with those who are experiencing mental health difficulties or who have experience of domestic abuse. My roles as a coach is to help you achieve your goals both for yourself and your family.

What got you interested in becoming a family coach?

I believe Family coaching is vital. 

Following changes in my own personal life I wanted to do a job which felt like it really fit my values. I was lucky to have had a lot of help from my community and I want other people to be able to reach out and get the help they need too; Family Coaching is perfect because it helps me to give back to the community through helping others achieve their goals - and maybe one day they will feel able to help others too!

What bits of family life have you got experience of helping with?

As a mum I understand that family life goes through many phases, some more difficult than others and often it takes a tribe. 

Sometimes you just need time to reflect and have the support from an outsider who has your back. I have experience across many areas that affect family life but I specifically like to work around self-esteem, self-awareness, confidence building and communication.


I have lived with mental health I have three children in varying ages from 3 to 12 years old…yes preteen and toddler (I must be mad!) and to top all that my middle child has autism so I know the hurdles that can bring too.

I can listen as you talk through your relationships and their ups and downs and help you think about how we re-find ourselves as people as well as parents and partners whilst trying to juggle the rest of our lives.

What would you say to someone who is 'uuming and ahhing' about signing up?

If you have got this far you are looking for answers, it's as exciting as it is scary.


Trust your gut. You're in control and it can only get better from here.



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