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What's your background?

I have a personal and professional background in health and social care, I gained my health and social care level 2 in 2014 and whilst this was something I was keen to gain, I still didn’t know what sector I wanted to work in. For a long time I wasn't sure whether it was in a health care or social care, I continued to question this up until my son got sick and required hospital care over 22 months. It was here I truly decided that I wanted to help parents in some way, whether that be in a supporting role or a guidance role (as this is something I would have benefited from when we were experiencing such a difficult time as a family). My eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD in March 2017. This was when I totally dedicated myself to gaining as much information as I could about supporting children with additional needs.

What got you interested in becoming a family coach?

Family Coaching sparked my interest as it's something I’ve not really heard of before; the idea of no waiting lists and being a confidential service is something I think would really benefit the residents of Wirral. I think this is especially true in our current climate - children and family’s wellbeing is the top priority. Being a family coach really excites me and I’m pleased to be part of it.

What bits of family life have you got experience of helping with?

I have experience with health term conditions and long term hospital stays with kids due to my child’s illness - this is something I really struggled with as a mother not only did I have a sick child, I also had a toddler and a partner. I found that finding a healthy balance mentally was a real struggle, it triggered anxiety and depression and on top of that I was still trying to be a mother, partner, employee and student all at the same time. My oldest child began showing signs of ADHD and Autism when he was 2 and although he’s not been diagnosed with Autism he has got ADHD. Coming to terms with my son’s diagnosis was difficult. I became his full-time carer and my world was taken over by him and his diagnosis. In recent years I’ve managed to pull myself away from being absorbed by the world of ADHD and realised my mental health is important too.

What would you say to someone who is 'uuming and ahhing' about signing up?

What have you got to lose? If you’re thinking about it then try it. Think about the positives it can bring and how empowering it will feel to take control and influence your own life.

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