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Demi Murphy.jpg

Demi has both personal and professional experience of navigating family support systems. She's excited to offer a immediate and confidential service which puts family well-being at it's heart. 


Moira is passionate about people and community and grew up as the youngest of 7. This taught her a lot about family life and conflict. She knows that having someone to talk to can make a real difference. 

Jessica Jones.jpg

A single mum of three, Jessica has worked in many sectors including in the community working with children and young adults with disabilities. Throughout lockdown Jess took the opportunity to retrain specifically around mental health, tutoring for adults and domestic abuse. 

Jules Palmer.JPG

Jules is always keen to find new ways to support and engage families so that they can reach their full potential. Jules is also really interested in exploring how our life experiences can shape our own values and attitudes.

JOanne Graham.jpeg

Joanne has worked as a volunteer family support worker (as well as other voluntary roles) for several years. She loves seeing people have lightbulb moments and finding their own answers to their own goals. 

Claire-Louise Owens.JPG

Claire-Louise believes that people often have their own answers, however they sometimes need space, time and someone asking the right questions to move forwards.