Joanne (from Cre8ing Careers)

What's your background?

I am a friendly and approachable single mum of two teenagers, with my son having additional needs. I love my family of furry animals; and have a dog and two cats, which in my eyes takes me up to having five children. 

I grew up not knowing where to look for help and support, this was normal as I was not given the goals or strategies to achieve this. I lost both of my parents in my twenties so therefore I have had to become resourceful as well as resilient.


Becoming a mum myself made me realise I needed to a support network. Through doing short courses like parenting, well-being and others I realised that I could network to gain my knowledge whilst improving my own self-esteem and values - allowing me be happier in myself.

I regularly practice yoga and meditation and having faced many challenges on my own journey in life and my children’s, I have found this helpful. I have real gratitude for these positive coping strategies which have helped me so much.

What got you interested in becoming a family coach?

I have worked as a volunteer family support worker for as well as other voluntary roles for several years. I love seeing people have lightbulb moments and helping people find their own answers to their own goals. This really got me thinking about becoming a family coach. offering both emotional and practical support. I enjoy working with organisations that offer family services ranging from specialisms in supporting children with autism, offering well-being, mental health, parenting and educational courses for families, as well as bringing parents together through virtual and real-life coffee mornings, individual and family activities. 

What bits of family life have you got experience of helping with?

My professional/voluntary roles alongside my lived experience have helped me gain much needed local community network and knowledge. My strengths are parenting, stress management, Autism & ADHD each of which I've completed courses in and I also have personal, daily experience. I am an Accredited Coach and I believe gives me the ability to offer non-judgemental support to others on their journeys. I have learnt that through receiving support and giving support that we all have the answers we need within ourselves.

What would you say to someone who is 'uuming and ahhing' about signing up?

I would let them know that coaching allows you to have control of the decisions and strategies for making progress. It gives you the opportunity to achieve your goals no matter how small or big. It also enables you to move forward with your goals at a realistic pace that suits you. It’s not about fixing anyone; it’s about enabling them to set their own goals to be able to reach the outcomes they wish to achieve. 

I would give reassurance that coaching is about empowering and enhancing your own abilities within. 



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